Graham Labs is an American Laboratory based in Tasley Virginia focused on the development of futuristic technology, fringe science and advanced engineering for use with Military and Commercial projects.  It is the never ending dedication to research and the constant trial and error of ideas that sets us apart.  The technicians and engineers work to incorporate the discoveries coming tomorrow into the inventions being discovered today.   We envision a World without the boundaries of Today.


The use of Artificial Intelligence allows the merging of machine with the ability of thought similar to the human brain.  Our software and controls are engineered for simplicity with the ability to learn and adapt based on user interaction. Prototypes are engineered in-house and then outfitted with the latest technology and tested in real life environments.  You will always find our solutions innovative and based on the most advanced science, technology, engineering and designs from around the World.   



If you decide to produce more of a prototype our manufacturing partners can replicate our systems and designs within facilities that utilize Green Energy and that are certified environmentally friendly.  All operations are manned and controlled by U.S. citizens here inside the United States that have been thoroughly background checked.


At Graham Labs, we create futuristic products and content that will drive us into the next decade, transport us into the next century and propel us from this world to the next.  We value the input of all our employees and consider them partners in our organization and are pleased to provide them a family friendly atmosphere where Family and Pets are welcome.




For more information on any of our research or services please call our corporate number and you will be put in touch with a member of our executive team. We work around the clock, around the world to ensure our inventions are at the forefront of innovation.